About Us

Phantombuster, it's as if Leonardo Da Vinci had established his workshop in a haunted house. By defying today's practices and building crazy machines, Phantombuster imagines, and sets up online automated strategies for any business to grow faster.

Phantombuster is used by more than 100k+ people worldwide in charge of marketing, growth, or sales. Enabled by its tool, they create new ways of growing their businesses using the data and features at their disposal on various websites, at scale.

What we're looking for: People with creativity, pragmatism, and resilience in solving users' challenges will love working at Phantombuster. Within the team, the values of common sense, thirst for learning will be necessary to accomplish your mission, whatever your role in the company will be.

Of course, a fondness for ghosts, ghouls, spirits, and other forces of the ethereal is also necessary. Going by the name of Buster, their mascot is a 4000 years old Phantom with a way-too-long backstory that you'll have to work with daily.

Good to know: Do you think you have what it takes to join? Apply! Think you're not good enough to apply? Apply anyway!

Phantombuster's multicultural team will kindly welcome you and teach you the tools to help them grow fast.